It seems like an eternity ago when the nation was thrilled about the story of a homeless guy who was discovered when a video of him went viral on the Internet after a multimedia producers from the Columbus Dispatch posted it. But it was just last week when we absorbed his moment.

The tragic shooting on Saturday overshadowed his story. This week people might have a hard time remembering how hopeful they were last week.

It looks like Ted Williams isn't doing so well himself. Unfortunately he got in a fight with his daughter Janey Williams in the Renaissance Hotel after she tried to stop him from drinking. Both of them were taken to the police station after the hotel called police. Williams was not charged with a crime, but detained and later then released. There was no sign of physical abuse.

Ted Williams and his family went then on Dr. Phil. His family says: that "he is pulling the wool over America's eyes" and say that he is not sober. Ted Williams admitted on Dr. Phil that he needs help with his feelings and that he wasn't completely honest. Dr. Phil offered him a spot in a rehabilitation center.

The story published here seems sad now because Williams admits that it is hard to deal with sudden fame. I imagine this might be even harder with the additional drug and alcohol problem.

Ted Williams has decided to enter Rehab. Let's keep pulling for him and make this a success story for good not just for fifteen minutes to make us feel better. In retro respect it is probably a good thing for Williams that the story vanished in the background

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