Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers In Los Angeles, California

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Los Angeles, California are not necessarily the glamorous rest stops portrayed din movies such as 28 Days, but they do offer real life centers to help individuals regain a substance free life. You may not be able to find a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center in Los Angeles that actually will have Sandra Bullock as one of your co-patients, but you will find an array of centers that offer top-notch rehabilitation services. When choosing a substance abuse rehabilitation center keep in mind the list of needs you may have. Specifically, what substance are you trying to quit abusing. Most patients are trying to stop an alcohol or drug abuse problem. Will you need in-patient or outpatient services? It is important to ascertain any special needs your may have, such as mental illness, pregnancy, old age, or pre existing physical illnesses such as HIV/AIDS or cancer. Keeping these factors should help you to quickly choose a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center in Los Angeles, California.

Addiction Alternatives: A Division of Life Management Skills is an outpatient substance abuse rehabilitation center in Los Angeles. The focuses of this rehabilitation faculty are drug rehabilitation, drug addiction, drug detoxification, and alcohol abuse treatment. Located at South Beverly Drive, Los Angeles, California, 90035, they offer a full range of substance abuse services. Specifically they offer their patients alcohol treatment, drug addiction treatment, drug rehabilitation services, and detoxification services for both alcohol and drugs. Addiction Alternatives offers more information about their substance abuse rehabilitation services on their web site www.addictionalternatives.com. They can also be reached at (310) 275-5433. Payment plans can be discussed for your treatment, so money should not be a concern while you are trying to recover.

Aegis Medical Systems Inc. is a substance abuse rehabilitation center in Los Angeles that focuses on a combination of addressing mental health as well as substance abuse. They are located at 2321 Pontius Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90064. They are an outpatient facility that offers various rehabilitation services such as alcohol rehabilitation, drug rehabilitation, drug detox, and drug abuse treatment. Aegis Medical Systems Inc. Specializes in the treatment of women during their pregnancy or post partum. Their website, www.aegismed.com, offers a look into their rehabilitation services and a look at their facilities. They can also be reached at (909) 623-6391.

The Alcott Center for Mental Health services is a substance abuse rehabilitation center in Los Angeles, California that specializes in individuals with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders. They offer their patients a focus on mental health services in conjunction with substance abuse problems. These rehabilitation services include substance abuse treatment, drug addiction treatment, drug detox, and alcohol rehabilitation. Located at 1433 South Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, 90035 the Alcott Center is a well know rehabilitation center with a reputation for individual personal care of their patients. More information about their rehabilitation services can be found at their website www.alcottcenter.org. They can also be reached at (310) 785-2121 ext. 102 or ext. 132.