Congratulations on asking yourself this question, thus taking your first step to recovery. Deciding on whether or not to go to rehab is never an easy choice, and your plight is well understood. Many people feel like they do not help and continue using for years until it is too late. It is hard to kick your habit without any help. Choosing to go to rehab is not a choice that you should be ashamed of, but rather a choice you can and should be proud of. It takes a brave individual to be able to say that you need help.

A rehab center might seem like a scary idea, but rest assured the people working at such centers know that and will work with you to make the transition comfortable. They will talk and walk through any questions you may have. Rehab centers have professional help, medical care and supportive, comfortable environments that will help you kick your habit. You will not have to be alone at any point during your quest to sobriety.

Before you think about rehab though, you will need to ask yourself questions to figure out if you really need to go, and I have compiled some of those questions into this article to help you make your decision.

  1. “Is my usage increasing?” – If you are requiring more and more drugs or alcohol to reach your high, this means that your downward spiral has begun. This is a clear sign that you need to get help, and you should do so before it gets worse and it becomes harder to get help.
  2. “Do I have withdrawals?” – If you are having the shakes or pains after you have been without your drug of choice for a while, then you may need to get some help. Your body is having a hard time living without it, which is another clear sign of you arriving into bigger trouble.
  3. “Am I living my life?” – If you are no longer interested in things you used to be interested in or if you feel like you are being disconnected from your friends and/or family, this may signal that your usage is beginning to wear down on your social and emotional life, which is the beginning of a damaged life.
  4. “Can I stop after just a little?” – Are you finding it hard to stop after just one or two drinks, or just a hit of your drug of choice? Do you end up downing the whole bottle and not remembering the night before? This should be a sign that something is not right, and you should find some help.
  5. “Am I acting different from before?” – Did you use to be a nice and friendly person but now find yourself snapping at people and being very defensive over things that you wouldn’t before? Do you feel like everyone is out to get you or that everyone is judging you? This is a clear sign, and not just to you, but to other people that you have a problem and should signal you to get some help.
  6. “Am I moving up the ladder?” – Are you finding yourself moving on to harder, more dangerous drugs? Do you find yourself using other substances to mask the effects of others? Answering yes to any of these questions should mean a yes to your rehab question.

Kicking your habit will be a long, hard road, but you will come out of it a new person and you will know that it was worth it.