Is CBD Oil good During rehab?




We all have some bad moments in our lifetime, and some of us just can’t get over them without having a little deceiving ’help.’ This help could be alcohol or tobacco, which might give you some comfort but which are actually a lot worse to treat your problems.

After a while, we realize alcohol and drugs are wrong, and we will probably start a rehab program. This program can be sophisticated and usually requires medical support as well. However, many people that just don’t want to get rid of addiction by replacing it with another will think of natural treatments such as CBD.

Can I Buy CBD during rehab?

Several types of addiction require rehab afterward. Alcohol addiction is one of them, and the most suited for CBD treatments. There is also drug addiction, and even in this case, cannabidiol can be efficient.

Smokers can also benefit from the effects of CBD on the endocannabinoid system, helping them to eliminate cravings and to forget about their little filthy habit. A recent study on 24 smokers that used a CBD inhaler whenever they felt the urge to smoke reported that they were able to reduce their smoking with 40%.

CBD is also efficient in reducing the consumption of morphine and cocaine. However, studies in this direction were only made on animals with encouraging results. There are no studies on humans proving this affirmation. Still, many people that tried CBD in curing this addiction tell their stories online, convincing more people about the beneficial effects in reducing the withdrawal symptoms in curing cocaine and morphine addiction.

CBD Oil and addiction

Besides treating different types of addiction, there is also the problem of relapsing. It is where CBD can work wonders. People that followed a CBD treatment after rehab reduced the temptation of relapsing, cannabidiol being the perfect replacement in this situation.

Fito-cannabinoids and terpenes collaborate to reduce the effects of alcohol consumption. It is also an anti-oxidant, but only consumed as oil.

CBD is also efficient in treating and regulating the different phases of rehab, such as intoxication, addiction, and withdrawal. However, it is a new method, and there are still many studies to be done before fully understanding the effects of cannabinoids on addiction.

CBD and smoking addiction

CBD comes in many forms, one of them being CBD flower. Basically, these are the hemp buds from which CBD is extracted. People that used to smoke weed or tobacco can find a great replacement in CBD flower, but it is only a temporary treatment that should only be used for a short time.

Smoking CBD flower comes with all the risks associated, such as lung cancer. It is commonly known that tobacco smokers are not always addicted to nicotine, but more to the habit of putting a cigarette in the mouth. This habit can be easily replaced with smoking CBD buds, but the patient must renounce this habit as well and replace it with taking CBD oils.