Fairhope in Baldwin County, Alabama, has several Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation opportunities that provide services for individuals who are in need of help to regain their sober and clean living. These services, offered at businesses throughout Fairhope, Alabama, include resident treatment programs, outpatient treatment, private one on one counseling sessions, group therapy, individual monitoring, follow-up programs, prevention, 24-hour hot lines and psychological exams for both men and women and for adults and youth. The programs offered by these businesses all have one goal in mind, to help an individual with substance addiction to kick their habit and return to a more productive, healthier life.

An individual who finds themselves in need of these services, or their loved ones, will find outpatient and prevention services that emphasize developing appropriate coping skills instead of substance abuse, intensive outpatient programs that allow certain addicts to continue regular activities while they receive substance abuse treatment, residential treatment for their substance abuse as well as emotional support and counseling for the addicts family, court referral programs and educational programs that cover the DUI laws and other alcohol or drug laws in Alabama or other crimes related to alcohol and/or drug abuse.

Fairhope, Alabama offers rehabilitation opportunities for those with substance abuse problems with two drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers located in Baldwin County. These centers are The Harbor at Thomas Hospital and the Mental Health Center – Crisis Line.

The Harbor at Thomas Hospital is located at 750 Morphy Avenue, Fairhope Alabama and offers Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon meetings on Wednesday at 7 p.m. This location also specializes in treatment for alcohol and drug abuse for adults and for education related to the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse. For more information, call 251-990-1119 or visit www.thomashospital.com.

The Mental Health Center – Crisis Line is located at 372 South Green Road, Fairhope Alabama. This drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in Baldwin County offers outpatient services and adolescent substance abuse treatment. Payment at this location is either self pay or with Medicare. For more information on this location, call 251-928-9500 or 800-738-2871.

Getting help is a step that is going to be life changing, if you find yourself in need of one of drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation, give them a call or stop by their location. They are there to help those in the Fairhope, Al area with a substance abuse problem, with not only the knowledge needed, but also the facilities.

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