Demi Lovato Rehab Stay Addressed In Video Message

The Demi Lovato rehab stint ended several weeks ago. But since the Demi Lovato rehab stay came to a close, the Disney star has stayed out of the limelight. Given how she has been made to look when she has been in the spotlight, staying quiet was her best move. Yet luckily for her, more dramatic and overwhelming celebrity breakdowns have been in the news since then. However, with the buzz dying down, the young star decided to open up for the first time since then in a message to her fans.

Today, Lovato posted a video message on the Internet which served as her biggest public statement in a few months. During that time, she had reportedly been treated for exhaustion while being put in the middle of other Disney girl scandals.

Since treatment ended over a month ago, she has stayed out of trouble -while tabloids turned to other troubled celebrities. But Lovato's message today was to those who supported her, as she reassured them that all would be well.

She had few specific details on what was wrong with her, yet she hinted that they were issues that "girls of all ages are dealing with." Yet despite her difficulties, she thanked her fans for the "light you guys brought into my life, in probably the darkest time of my life."

Although the rehab stay was undoubtedly serious, her problems now seem tamer in the Charlie Sheen era. But before Sheen conquered all media, Lovato and other Disney starlets, like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, were leading the tabloid news cycle weeks earlier.

Yet in this current cycle, they have been away just long enough to get a break while onlookers see how much more extreme celebrity breakdowns can get. The Disney stars have been scolded and questioned over their so-called "racy" actions, but they haven't crossed a point of no return yet.

The hope is that the rehab stint has helped this Disney performer get back on track. Now that she is "back and home," she can resume a less exhausting work schedule when she's ready. For all the negative speculation about Lovato, many are still on her side to see what she does next, which she readily acknowledged in her video.

Today's post-rehab statement reflected a more innocent time, when Disney female stars were the major tabloid attraction of the moment. At this point, audiences may miss those simpler times, although Lovato has no desire to relieve them right now.


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