Charlie Sheen Rehab Return Finally Comes To Pass

Charlie Sheen rehab stints have piled up over the years. Yet no Charlie Sheen rehab stay seems to have worked, or at least didn't work for very long. However, despite a poor track record of rehabilitation, the actor had no choice but to try one more time. But even after he was hospitalized this week, there were rumors that he still didn't think anything was wrong with him, although others think differently. Therefore, after he checked out, the latest Charlie Sheen rehab effort finally began, as he checked himself back in at last.

While he was hospitalized over a hernia, instead of an overdose, it was still a final straw for friends and family. Yet speculation was that he would still go back to work on Two And A Half Men when he got out, as if nothing happened.

A new Charlie Sheen rehab stint was more wise, however, and it appeared he got the message before long. Therefore, he checked himself into an undisclosed center, according to his representative. In the meantime, Two And A Half Men taping is on hiatus until he gets back.

But his success on Two And A Half Men may have been part of the problem. Since he still manages to show up on time, and the show remains a huge hit despite his problems, it has helped convince him that nothing is wrong. For all of her personal mishaps, he still remains in a good place career wise.

The past Charlie Sheen rehab stays, and off set mishaps, may have helped damage his reputation. However, despite all that, he is still the star of the number one sitcom on television. This might help explain why a source told E! that he said "Men like me don't die."

For all that's gone wrong in his life, his career still has more than a pulse. As such, it might be that the best thing for him is a more extended break from work, and from the Hollywood lifestyle. But on the other end, all of his recent mistakes have happened during breaks from his work schedule.

No matter how the Charlie Sheen rehab ordeal goes, the big test will be what happens when he gets out. This may buy him a few months of sobriety, and offer a break from his most recent self destructive spiral. But every time he's gotten clean and sober, he inevitably falls off, for one reason or another.

Virtually everything has been tried to break this cycle, with no lasting success. If this latest Charlie Sheen rehab gamble fails, then friends, family and co-workers won't have many more options left. They would then have to get drastic, but there aren't many drastic measures left that they haven't used, and those that are left may be long shots.


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