Britney’s Break From Rehab

Britney Spears got a break from Promises Treatment Center to visit with her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, along with her estranged husband, Kevin Federline, according to X17 Online News.

The reunion visit was held at the Serra Retreat Center, which is run by the Franciscan Friars in the Hills over Malibu. The Center “assists people in moving forward in their spiritual lives,” according to it’s website.

The estranged family visited for two hours before Britney returned to Promises Treatment Center.

According to E Online, this is not the troubled star’s first time out of the confines of the treatment facility. 25 year old Britney has reportedly left Promises on two other recent occasions. She has been able to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, which the program encourages. She has also been reportedly using her cell phone and shopping, activities that a stricter facility would not allow and that Promises “frowns upon”.

Sources have told US Weekly, according to the magazine, that Britney Spears has denied having a substance abuse problem. She claims she was wrongly pressured into rehab. There have been reports that she believes that her issues stem from postpartum depression.

The world has watched in stunned dismay as Britney Spears has seemed determined to self destruct. In recent months she has been partying heavily with infamous heiress, Paris Hilton, been photographed without underwear and bizarrely shaving her head and getting a tattoo while being documented by photographers. Britney checked in an out of rehab treatment twice, once at Eric Clapton’s treatment facility in Antigua.

Britney Spears has some high profile supporters willing to help her make a comeback. Brooke Shield’s, who has written about her own struggle with postpartum depression has reached out to Britney Spears, telling Access Hollywood that she would be available to talk to Britney.

Ex boyfriend Justin Timberlake has recently said that he would be willing to help Britney revitalize her career, saying “She’s just gotta be serious.”

After Britney’s infamous weekend that involved head shaving, tattooing and reported partying, her estranged husband took part in an intervention. Reportedly she agreed to treatment, while Kevin Federline took care of their two children. Federline had worked with his lawyer to schedule and emergency hearing to seek custody of their two young children. The separated couple have been negotiating custody for the children and Britney’s behavior may reflect badly on her in court. Kevin Federline reportedly issued an ultimatum to go into treatment or he would go to court for the children.

Britney Spears is expected to spend at least two more weeks at the Promises Treatment Center.