The rehabilitation center that Britney Spears has been staying in is more of a luxury hotel than a get-better center. Spears has recently checked herself into the Promises treatment center. She felt that it was time to receive professional help for her hard partying ways. The Promises treatment center accepts those who are either celebrities or business executives.

Visitors to Promises happen to be of a more affluent background. The price of staying at the facility is only affordable by those who are wealthy. You need to pay $48,000 for 30 days to enter the treatment center. As you can tell, the only people who can really afford a rehabilitation center like Promises are mainly celebrities. For nearly a decade, Promises has served mainly celebrities. Some of the alumni of the center include Ben Affleck, Charlie Sheen, Dianna Ross, and even Matthew Perry.

Britney Spears has basically checked herself into luxury hotel. She is most likely partaking in one of the facilities unique amenities. Spears could be currently enjoying one of the facility's gourmet meals. She also has access to several personal trainers to keep her in shape. There are also horseback riding lessons and massages made available. On top of that, Spears will also have her own private room. The bedroom features 500-thread-count sheets, a fireplace, and a view of the beach.

Most facilities require an individual to share a room with other patients. You are also required to help out around the facility with chores. Spears is not required to do either of those. She also is entitled to private counseling lessons. This defeats the purpose of being exposed to others who share the same problems. Most rehabs have group oriented sessions in which Spears would of interacted with people from different lifestyles, with the same problems. There really is no reason for Spears to leave rehab. It appears to just be an extended vacation.


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